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Month: November, 2011

111127 — Goodmorning Dubai!

So. This is were I woke up this morning.

Yup. I’m in Dubai. Pretty awesome actually. My mother managed to make it a secret until we were in the air. (I looked like a freak at the airport constantly covering my ears, singing and only faceing the ground. At one point security actually even approached mom and asked her if “I had a problem” or if there was “something wrong with me.” She did her best to explain but he just shook his head in disbelief and settled with me just being crazy and not a security risk. The entire thing–travelling without knowing where you are going is quite epic and highly confusing. When I saw the aircraft, we were flying Swiss, and it was a jumbojet (I later learned that it was heading to Zurich eventually) I thought that mom had gone mental and that we were heading to Colombo or some other quite distant place. But no, up in the air we got complimentary birthday champagne and the destination was revealed. About 40 min later we touched ground. Spent an hour or two working our way through the rigorous airport controls, hailed a lady cab and headed over towards our hotel (which also remained a secret until we landed) the Atlantis Palm Beach.

It’s the one in the middle, right by the beach. Oh yeah. Here’s a water park and an aquarium. And they have tame sharks to swim with. Life’s pretty awesome at the moment.

111126 — “Ohh man, we’re in Oman”

Tomorrow is my birthday and me and my beautiful mom are sitting at our B&B by the beach in Muscat, Oman. The surprise-trip I got as my present. So far this trip has been nothing but relaxing. We’ve hung out at the beach, snuk into the luxury hotel next to us, indulged in arabian food, strolled around in the old souks. But. Today, all of that is going to change. Today the adventure part of this trip begins. One part of the trip, the four day tour starting Thursday, that we have hired a 4×4 and driver for, that goes into the desert and up into the mountains, camping beneth the stars and exploring the old Oman, I was a part in planning.

The other part on the other hand that apperantly starts in about nine hours I did not have a clue about until this morning when my mom accidentally slipped before biting down on her lip: “I don’t know if I will need to check this bag,” she said before turning and looking at me, joyful panic in her eyes. Did I hear that? Yes. What does that mean? No idea. Well. Now I needed to pack too I guessed. She lauged. “Well, that you needed to know eventually,” she said. “Your passport,” she added. Sure. I already got it. Then, from her side, another slip. “I hope we can re-enter with the same Visa.” She bit down again. Did I hear that? I pretented not to. We are going on a plane apperantly. Where? No idea. Somewhere outside Oman. She’s still keeping the secret. And here I thought the surprise was the trip to Oman. No, now there is a surprise in the surprise. My mom is going Inception on me. I can’t wait to see where I wake up tomorrow.

111118 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

I know it’s been all over the Internet already but I absolutely love United Colors of Benetton’s new “un-hate” ad.

Above is the Pope kissing Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb. Tha Vatican has called it “totally unacceptable.”

Below Palestian leader Mahmoud Abbas is locking lips with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The ad also features North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and Lee Myung-bak, President of South Korea…

…Angela Merkel in a clinch with French president Nicolas Sarkozy…

and Barack Obama doing the deed with both Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez…

and China’s leader Hu Jintao!

Let’s keep spreading the love!

111117 — “Now you are just somebody I used to know”

111117 — California Dinner

Helena and Emily stopped by for some pasta, pesto and wine yesterday for a Californian-reunion in Malmö. Since my birthday is coming up Helena brought with her an amazing present–an photo album containing all the crazy images we managed to take during our year in Cali. Whilst flipping through the pages I felt so nostalgic. For so many different reasons the time I spent in Cali was amazing. The picture below is taken during one of the epics nights I shared with my “fam,” Cameron, Helena, Sif, me and Antoine. It started out in a villa in Beverly Hills and ended in a pizza shack on Hollywood Boulevard. My memory consists of fragments, but I know that during the night we snuck Jacqueline into a club. Antoine was kicked out of the same club twice. Me and Jacqueline befriended the DJ and danced in the DJ booth. Helena fell drunkenly in love with a break-dancer. I protected Sif from a creep by politely telling him to leave. Cameron got everybody home safely even though I yelled at him to go away whilst taking awkward pictures next to Bob Hope’s star on the walk of fame. Oh. LA-life.

111116 — Bibliotekshäng och kopulering.

Spenderade tisdagskvällen på Malmö Stadsbibliotek med Ida för lite inspiration till frilansjobb. Läste tidningar och åt Macroons och funderade på frilansjournalistikens vara och icke-vara. Igår när vi satt där i vår egen lilla journalistiska sfär blev vi också medvetna om alla underliga människor som finns där ute i verkligheten. Ida blev bland annat tillfrågad på danska, av en man i smutsig “klänning” som kom bärandes på en mängd svarta plastpåsar med oidentifierat innehåll, om hon ville “kopulera.” Hon sa nej.

111114 — Anna heter Anna baklänges.

Finaste Anna.

Firade Annas födelsedag i helgen. Sedan -94 har jag och denna vackra kvinna haft en massa mystiska projekt för oss. Vi har bott i en papp-kartong ihop, spelat in musikvideos till Drömhus med Kelly på Heden, ätit russin i källarförråd, kastat sten på spöken, gått ett oändligt antal nattliga promenader, filosoferat om livet och druckit kopiösa mängder vin. Åren går och äventyret fortsätter.

111113 — “Sometimes I wish my life was as awesome as it seems on Facebook.”

111111–11-11-11 11.11

Idag var det den 11/11/11 och folk gjorde tydligen viktiga grejer klockan 11.11. Det gjorde inte jag. Jag missade helt det. Jaha. Tur jag inte är särskilt vidskeplig. Eller så får jag ju en ny chans snart igen om jag låtsas att jag bor i en annan tidszon. 19.11 är klockan 11.11 i LA. Jag kör då. Stenhårt. Nu är det fredag och jag ska dricka vin till dagens soundtrack: When I Grow Up med First Aid Kit.

111110 – Min far

Åt fler-rätters prematur-födelsedags- och fars dags middag ikväll på Belle Epoch med pappa och Karin. Mysigt med familjetid och alltid lika spännande att höra pappas berättelser om livet som ung afroamerikansk man på sextio- och sjuttiotalet. Våra samtal handlade om allt från efterfest med Jimi Hendrix i Stockholm 1967 till frågan om huruvida USA är en militärstat eller ej. “The concert was cool,” sa han och fortsatte: “But the concert was not the best thing about it, that was the afterparty…” Resten av historien kommer att hemlighållas. Jag tog en massa mysiga bilder men pappa vill inte förevigas på internet. Varför vill han inte riktigt berätta. “Uhuh,” säger han, skakar på huvudet och ler finurligt. Jag är säker på att det är en lysande konspirations teori han tänkt upp men vägrar dela med sig av.