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111117 — “Now you are just somebody I used to know”

111117 — California Dinner

Helena and Emily stopped by for some pasta, pesto and wine yesterday for a Californian-reunion in Malmö. Since my birthday is coming up Helena brought with her an amazing present–an photo album containing all the crazy images we managed to take during our year in Cali. Whilst flipping through the pages I felt so nostalgic. For so many different reasons the time I spent in Cali was amazing. The picture below is taken during one of the epics nights I shared with my “fam,” Cameron, Helena, Sif, me and Antoine. It started out in a villa in Beverly Hills and ended in a pizza shack on Hollywood Boulevard. My memory consists of fragments, but I know that during the night we snuck Jacqueline into a club. Antoine was kicked out of the same club twice. Me and Jacqueline befriended the DJ and danced in the DJ booth. Helena fell drunkenly in love with a break-dancer. I protected Sif from a creep by politely telling him to leave. Cameron got everybody home safely even though I yelled at him to go away whilst taking awkward pictures next to Bob Hope’s star on the walk of fame. Oh. LA-life.