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Tag: Coachella

110914 — Minnen från Coachella

Sådär när jag sitter avundsjuk och självframkallat miserabel tänker jag på stunder där bara varandet varit fantastiskt. Där inte en enda sekund slösades på ångestladdade reflektioner utan varje moment flöt samman i extas. Helena lyckades fånga ett sådant där ögonblick på Coachella.


110313 – L.A with Ingela

Spending the last days with my mom in LA. Yesterday we hung out in Santa Monica and Venice. I’m not a big fan of Venice at all. It’s crowded and dirty and there are way too many tourist for my taste. But it was fun still, my mom hung out in Venice 30 years ago, and hearing her stories was interesting. Then we headed back to the hotel, and lazy as we sometimes are, ordered take-out indian to our room. Such a fab idea that I’ve never thought of before. Why order stale and expensive room-service when you can have delicious, way cheaper other food delivered right to your door! Today, I decided to digress form my paper writing and we decided to venture out to Manhattan beach. Much nicer than beaches up north. I introduced mom to Free people and we both bought some lovely dresses. You can never have to many dresses living in SoCal. Then we headed to Vons to buy some strawberries and randomly ran into my lovely housemate Marie! She then invited us back to her dad’s incredible beach house and we got to plan a little for Coachella. Only 33 days left now!