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It’s an election year in Kenya. Ryan looks out the window as someone outside is holding a political rally. Everyone remembers what happened during the last election. No one knows what’s going to happen this time.


Patty and Mya pose for a pitcure.


Mya loves posing for pictures but as I soon discover also taking pictures.


She also loves dancing.


Reyna listens as her aunt Lydia plays a song.


Sophie and I head down to the marked to grind some maize to make the traditional dish of ugali.


It’s saturday and the market, sokoni, is quite crowded.


Here in the clothes part of the market Sophie tells me that most clothes we donate or get rid off in “the west” ends up.


All the kids take me up to the roof top of their building to watch the sun set over Kibera.


A view from the roof top.


Best friends who loves to pose for pictures.


Playing at the roof top in an old water tank.






121231–Happy New Year! Recap.

I started the year dancing in Malmö then left for Saduiqqi and politics in Saudi with karaoke detours to Lebanon, discovering political Islam in Kuwait and the Nabatean culture in Jordan. Returned to Sweden and spent the summer nights dancing with great friends at Torrowland in Boom, Belgium and Q-base in Weeze, Germany. Fled the Swedish winter and returned to Saudi for mediation and rejuvenation before landing back in a snowy Sweden—adventuring back and forth to Stockholm, escaping for a night of dance and decadence to Qlimax in Holland and heading further north into Härnösand. The year finally ends back home with Ingela, preparing for departure to Kenya in 8 days.

2012 has been amazing. I’m ready for 2013.


So many great songs seem to revolve about this expression! Apparently it’s supposed to mean problem. But my mind is filled with nothing but simplicity and joy. There is something absolutely magical about dancing around a small living room in Riyadh, listening to African music, just finished reading a chapter on Salafism in Yemen, and trying to figure out were in the world to go next. As tradition the summer will be spent in Sweden. But then who knows? Had a quick conversation with mama on Skype about the endless possibilities in life. On another note this weekend turned our to be another great weekend in the Kingdom. Went on a quick trip “around the world” last Thursday and spent the night in France before heading to Denmark for a kvasi-afterparty and then falling asleep back home in Sweden. Sleep is something that I’ll soon find myself lacking here. But who can complain about the intensity of life?