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111117 — California Dinner

Helena and Emily stopped by for some pasta, pesto and wine yesterday for a Californian-reunion in Malmö. Since my birthday is coming up Helena brought with her an amazing present–an photo album containing all the crazy images we managed to take during our year in Cali. Whilst flipping through the pages I felt so nostalgic. For so many different reasons the time I spent in Cali was amazing. The picture below is taken during one of the epics nights I shared with my “fam,” Cameron, Helena, Sif, me and Antoine. It started out in a villa in Beverly Hills and ended in a pizza shack on Hollywood Boulevard. My memory consists of fragments, but I know that during the night we snuck Jacqueline into a club. Antoine was kicked out of the same club twice. Me and Jacqueline befriended the DJ and danced in the DJ booth. Helena fell drunkenly in love with a break-dancer. I protected Sif from a creep by politely telling him to leave. Cameron got everybody home safely even though I yelled at him to go away whilst taking awkward pictures next to Bob Hope’s star on the walk of fame. Oh. LA-life.


110425 – What I actually do

This morning I realized that I’ve actually never told people what I do here. So I decided to give a quick summary of what happened last week and is happening this week. Every Thursday at five I officially go on weekend, then I go home from campus and try to get all next weeks studying done. Last Friday me and my other half and partner in crime–Helena–headed over to a Autumm’s house for some drinks. There we met up with some other tri-teammates and had a great night just hanging out and talking. I love that when we hang out, topics of discussion reign from everything to triathlons to the U.S laws regarding abortion and how to eat a cookie without touching it with your hands. Then when we got back home around 2 in the morning I engaged in a lively and super interesting conversation about American sexuality with two of my wonderful housemates, Monica and Kimmie. One of the best things with living as I do is the opportunity to have spur of the moment interesting conversations from very different cultural perspectives.

When I woke up I would, normally have run to the gym which is only five minutes away, and/or joined Helena at her pool for some down time. But since I’ve been and still am sick I stayed at home in watched TV until Helena came and picked me up and we headed to our friend Nils place in Venice, LA. He had some Swedish friends visiting and so we came up and then we all went clubbing in H-wood. It was–as clubbing in LA always is–Epic. Leaving I sprained my ankle which put a damper on my Sunday.

However, I still had a great Sunday evening too since Sif, Elim and Helena all came over and made plans for “the Royal Wedding” in Britan. We are going to dress up in pink dresses and tiaras and bake a cake and watch it together. So, that’s my plans for Thursday/Friday. Otherwise this week is as intense as usual. Today I’m conducting an interview for a story I’m writing. Tuesday it’s (as always) time for Taco-Tuesday. Wednesday I have a short class and then it’s Marie’s birthday. Then I have two three-hour workshops in Poetry and Fiction writing on Thursday. Then the wedding. Friday I still haven’t made any plans. And Saturday Nils and his friends are hopefully joining us for a night in the town at Woddy’s in Newport. Newport is completely different from LA, but equally funny to strut around in after a couple of glasses of wine.

101004 – Life in L.A

Life in L.A is much more intense than here. Life here is like living on a spa/resort. I did however like L.A – a lot. It felt more real and believable than life here. Anyway. We spent three days and two nights discovering Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Friday: Bar 210 – Italian food – Beverly Hills Hilton – 15 people afterparty in our hotel room – Almost kicked out. Saturday: UCLA football game with UCLA swedes – Houseparty in an amazing house in the Hills – Danced the night away at Playhouse – 9 people afterparty in our hotel room – Did not care about being kicked out. Sunday: Brunch at Urth café, Tour of UCLA.

101001 – LA v. Riyadh

By the way. If any one feels like learning about encountering and living in a culture totally different than your own, check out my moms blog. (In Swedish though). My mom just came back from Greenland and now she’s spending a year working at a hospital in Riyadh. She’s my greatest inspiration.