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And so it felt as I had conquered the world as a trampled around the roman ruins of Balbeek. “This shall be your temple,” ghosts that never existed whispered in my ear.

120505–Beyrout, Lebanon

Spent a couple of days outside the sandbox. Been to busy with life and work to blog. To much to capture in words. Helena came to visit and spent two weeks frolicking in Saudi culture. We reminisced about lost times and planned future adventures. Her itinerary included an awesome desert party and campout and exploring Riyadh life. Anyway, Helena left a gaping hole that I’ve filled with traveling. Hence the last couple of days were spent in Beirut with the other lovely scandinavians. It was all very “ashwai”(=no system, random). We sang karaoke, dined fabulously with Saudis friends we unexpectedly ran into, were harassed by taxi-drivers, explored nature–Balbeek, Byblos, Harissa, were driven along the coast in a convertible car–wind tussling unruly hair, drank and eat and drank and eat some more. Decadent and fun.