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Tag: Rain


It’s raining in Irvine. I’ve just finished my second ‘monster’ article/ piece of literary journalism. Now I’m going to do Yoga in my one piece. Surrealism is the word of the day.

101020 – Midterms and rain

I feel like writing something poetic. About life, existence, love? But right now all that’s on my mind are midterms. My first one is tomorrow. The illusion of me living on a resort/spa just indulging in life is slowly drifting away. Today it’s raining. Pouring down. Rain makes me think of home, of my own bed, my own shower, my own real life. Sometimes I miss it, today I do. But just for a moment; soon the rain will stop. Tomorrow the midterms will have passed. I can once again get lost in the beauty of SoCal and literary non-fiction writing. For now life consists of anxiety and thunder and sleepless nights. Tomorrow I’m hoping for laughter, wine and sunshine.