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110422 – New York, New York

Spent a week in my favorite city a while back. Elvina flew in from Sweden to spend a total of four weeks in the US. Two weeks were spent with me, first in New York and then here in Irvine. Of course we had some crazy events happen. Events that only can happen to two crazy ladies that share a last name. During our first day we walked around East village and Union Square a manikin at Desigual almost fell on top of Elvina after she was admiring the bag attached to it. At night we met up with my gorgeous NY friends Ariel and Pilar and had dinner at Ilili before heading over to one of their friends penthouses in the Lower East Side. Day two we spent shopping: and literally stayed in the store until we where dying of hunger. Grabbed a quick snack in Little Italy and took a stroll through China Town before heading over to the movies and catching a late-night showing of some movie I can’t seem to remember. (It can’t have been particularly good) When we got back to Brooklyn I realized that I by mistake had bought a pair leg-warmers instead of knee-stockings. It does not at all seem funny know, but it was actually hilarious when it happened. Day three we spent shopping up and down the 5th and of course played the big piano at FAO Schwartz. We then had mid-day tea at Alice’s Teacups II and went for mani-pedi’s in Brooklyn. Then we had dinner with Sif who also was staying in Brooklyn and Samantha, my other NY friend whom I first got to know in Sevilla last year. Then we went for drinks with Sif’s Guiseppe at the Standard NY before heading back home to the crazy people we were staying with. Day four we went shopping on Bedford in Brooklyn and Elvina found some great vintage before we met up with Ariel and had a quick goodbye lunch at Spice. When then headed out to do some more shopping but where in shock when we realized that the shop-assistant had hung all our clothes back because we took to long in the fitting room. Elvina had a fit and started screaming to the her and what met with the comment: “Lady, it wasn’t like I threw away your things, you haven’t bought it yet.” It was absolutely the funniest moment ever. Especially since it was followed by Elvina running all over the department store trying to find her clothes again before the store closed three minutes later. The last three days we spent doing more shopping and eating, we found a great place–Thalia, in the Theater district. We also met up with Simret and Wille from LA, who spent a couple of days in NY for drinks and Abdulla and Felly from Irvine for dinner and icecream and Elvina managed to almost get caught in a Subway door. All and all, we had a great stay in NY.


110422 – Memories of NY