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140128 — Meditating in Ayutthaya

140128 -- Meditating in Ayutthaya

Left the city for some quite time. Biked around the ancient city of Ayutthaya remembering days past.


130109–Karibu Kenya!

I’m in Nairobi! Sitting on the floor in my new livingroom grasping the fact that I’m for the first time in my life “south of Sahara.” The journey here felt much shorter than I was expecting–even though it was snowing i Istanbul and I was rerouted via Amsterdam. I arrived this morning and D. and O. the couple I’m living with had sent a driver to come and pick me up. The driving here is almost even more crazy than in Riyadh, but my new ‘rafiki’ (friend in Swahili) and driver David felt safe. However, I don’t think I will be heading out on the roads driving by myself anytime soon. Today I’ve spent getting acquainted with my neighborhood Kilimani, just north of the city center. This will be my base for now. But my goal is to explore as much as possible. Of course I’ve already gotten lost once, but during the day time most places around here feel and are safe, and people are in general very helpful. Looking for a small supermarket a woman guided me in the right direction, offered me some nuts and told me a little bit about her work with a local NGO. For now things are pretty relaxing. Tonight we are having dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant and I’m going to try and get a hold of a Kenyan number so I can start contacting people to talk to about my project. And I need to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go when I’m here–as I feel and fear that these eight weeks will pass much faster than expected.

Tuonane baadaye–See you later!


100917 – Brooklyn.

I do not feel like writing in English today. I still feel I have problems expressing myself in the same way as I do in Swedish. Like Sam says about me “She speaks really good English, but, some things gets lost in translation”. The things that gets lost are mainly cultural. I understand the words but not the meaning. Haha. Sam’s given me the USA 101. I am so grateful. I feel that I am starting to get the whole “race and religion”-thing. I still feel more Swedish than American though, but I’ve still only been here for two days. Yesterday we spent in Manhattan indulging in shopping and chocolate. Today we’ll explore downtown Brooklyn – Prospect park, the Brooklyn pier and Brooklyn museum. Tonight we’re heading for Cony island and then going for drinks with Sams family. Oh, back to the USA 101-thing. Sam’s got me to taste a Pb and j sandwich (peanut butter and jelly), not that tasty, and Cheerios – tasty, but it tasted like candy. This morning she also let me master the tv-controller, however, since they have 9564 (i don’t remember the exact number) channels, I gave up really quickly. Haha. Well. That’s all folks.