111126 — “Ohh man, we’re in Oman”

Tomorrow is my birthday and me and my beautiful mom are sitting at our B&B by the beach in Muscat, Oman. The surprise-trip I got as my present. So far this trip has been nothing but relaxing. We’ve hung out at the beach, snuk into the luxury hotel next to us, indulged in arabian food, strolled around in the old souks. But. Today, all of that is going to change. Today the adventure part of this trip begins. One part of the trip, the four day tour starting Thursday, that we have hired a 4×4 and driver for, that goes into the desert and up into the mountains, camping beneth the stars and exploring the old Oman, I was a part in planning.

The other part on the other hand that apperantly starts in about nine hours I did not have a clue about until this morning when my mom accidentally slipped before biting down on her lip: “I don’t know if I will need to check this bag,” she said before turning and looking at me, joyful panic in her eyes. Did I hear that? Yes. What does that mean? No idea. Well. Now I needed to pack too I guessed. She lauged. “Well, that you needed to know eventually,” she said. “Your passport,” she added. Sure. I already got it. Then, from her side, another slip. “I hope we can re-enter with the same Visa.” She bit down again. Did I hear that? I pretented not to. We are going on a plane apperantly. Where? No idea. Somewhere outside Oman. She’s still keeping the secret. And here I thought the surprise was the trip to Oman. No, now there is a surprise in the surprise. My mom is going Inception on me. I can’t wait to see where I wake up tomorrow.