111217–“Because the night belongs to lovers”

by Irina Bernebring Journiette

Yesterday was epic. Had a couple of my closest girlfriends over for a post-birthday-bash. The memories will be cherished for ever. Fragments in random order: Kelly falls on her butt at BK, screams at random guy: “Why did you trip me.” Gin and tonic. Me and Elvina refuses to pay to check our coats. Tequila. Jack requests and Ambulance so I send him home to my place alone in a taxi with my only house-key. Dance. We accidentally flush my toothpaste down the toilet. Wine. A guard guards the door as me an Kelly uses the mens-room at a club that for the sake of our dignity will be left unnamed. More tequila. Elvina does some soul-searching with the help of Emily=revelations. “Don’t give me words, give me an emotion.” About 200 pictures, a mysterious bump in Elvinas forehead, and a group sleepover later it ended with Brunch.

I’m lucky to have such wonderful people to call my friends.