130811–I am beautiful

I just got back home after a long night. An interesting night. This is what I wrote on facebook: “I’ve never felt as beautiful as tonight. Standing naked, looking at my self in the mirror after being driven home in a policecar after being harassed outside the club and repeatedly called a fat, ugly fucking negro. I’m black and proud. I might be overweight, but that’s because I love life and I enjoy life to the fullest. I’m overweight and proud. I’ve never felt more secure about who I am and why. No matter what anyone tells you remember to love yourself. We are all beautiful. Just as we are.”

It’s interesting how someone who’s only object is to hurt you can have the complete opposite effect. The guy tried to make me feel ugly and less worthy. But, for perhaps the first time of my life, I felt so at ease with myself and my body. I love who I am, how I look, both with and without clothes. I’m sitting here, writing, crying and smiling at the same time and in the background the Kanye West song Power just started playing. I feel empowered.