110707 — Memories of Coachella.

by Irina Bernebring Journiette

Me and Marie at Coachella!

It was the third and last day of Coachella. Helena wasn’t feeling well so she had decided to stay behind by the camping for now and was meeting up with a friend. We had decided to rendezvous later when Duck Sauce was playing in Sahara. I ventured off to hang out with Marie and her group of friends. In an alcohol and heat frenzied daze we made our way to the festival-area and stumbled around experiencing amazing music. Right after this picture was taken we fell into a tent in the middle (I can’t remember the name) where the performing artist used a high-pressure water hose to spray down the crowd. We pushed ourselves to the front, skidded around in the mud in front of the scene and got soaked, before we crawled out back into the sun. Ten minutes later the heat made us overheat again and we had to repeat the procedure.