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100925 – Greek v. Geek

Before I moved here I was thinking about going greek. Here are the reason I didn’t.
1- It hit me that I really do not like hanging out with a bunch of girls.
2- Everyone else pledging would be a freshman, I am a senior. They are 18 I am 22.
3- I would go for the parties, but, they’re not allowed to drink.
4- Of course, they drink anyway, but who would like to spend time around a group of wasted 18 year old girls?

I decided that going geek and joining a bunch of other groups based on interest is going to suite me better. Hence the triathlon club and the fencing club. Tonight I am going to sit down with the “club-guide” and figure out what else suites me. Here are over 300 clubs on campus so there’s no doubt I’ll find something else to do outside of the greek system, were they from an outsiders perspective only seem to sing and play house and occasionally get wasted.


100925 – I play dogeboll I do.

So. I am pretty proud right now. Look at my killah’ face playing dodgeball. As Anna so cleverly put it “for someone who went in not knowing how to play you sure look like a pro!” This is purely bragging. I don’t care. Check me out!