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Month: October, 2010

101020 – Midterms and rain

I feel like writing something poetic. About life, existence, love? But right now all that’s on my mind are midterms. My first one is tomorrow. The illusion of me living on a resort/spa just indulging in life is slowly drifting away. Today it’s raining. Pouring down. Rain makes me think of home, of my own bed, my own shower, my own real life. Sometimes I miss it, today I do. But just for a moment; soon the rain will stop. Tomorrow the midterms will have passed. I can once again get lost in the beauty of SoCal and literary non-fiction writing. For now life consists of anxiety and thunder and sleepless nights. Tomorrow I’m hoping for laughter, wine and sunshine.


101004 – Life in L.A

Life in L.A is much more intense than here. Life here is like living on a spa/resort. I did however like L.A – a lot. It felt more real and believable than life here. Anyway. We spent three days and two nights discovering Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Friday: Bar 210 – Italian food – Beverly Hills Hilton – 15 people afterparty in our hotel room – Almost kicked out. Saturday: UCLA football game with UCLA swedes – Houseparty in an amazing house in the Hills – Danced the night away at Playhouse – 9 people afterparty in our hotel room – Did not care about being kicked out. Sunday: Brunch at Urth café, Tour of UCLA.

101001 – LA v. Riyadh

By the way. If any one feels like learning about encountering and living in a culture totally different than your own, check out my moms blog. (In Swedish though). My mom just came back from Greenland and now she’s spending a year working at a hospital in Riyadh. She’s my greatest inspiration.

100930 – Life, or something just like it.

I know I should update more often. But I just can’t seem to find the time. Everything is still so intense that the days just fly by. Tomorrow marks the end of week one in school and I already have tons of homework. Mostly reading and writing, and I really feel that I am improving. But at the same time there’s triathlon, fencing, everyday workout, golf. And then, I want to discover Cali. Tomorrow afternoon we’re leaving for LA and Westwood. Spending two nights discovering Hollywood, the Hills, UCLA and watching college football. And on Monday it starts all over again.
I love it though. I love every morning I wake up, put on a dress, and take the shuttle or walk down to campus in the sunshine. I love finishing swim practice in an outdoor pool watching the red sun set. I love having a movie night with my 31 house mates. I love spending (almost) the entire night discussing life with my wonderful room mate. At this very moment though, I begin to wonder if I might just be dreaming. Could this actually be real? Is this my life? Yes. I love my life and my current reality. Sometime soon, it might be just right around the corner, things are going to change radically again. But for now, I’m going to enjoy every moment of utter bliss.

(This feels like a really tacky post, but hey, maybe that’s what happens when life feels just like pink bubblegum, strawberries, rainbows and sunshine. Without conflict there’s no story, just words. I’m floating on a cloud of smiley faces. This is life, or something just like it. – Don’t worry, I’ll probably be back soon.)