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Month: September, 2010

100925 – Greek v. Geek

Before I moved here I was thinking about going greek. Here are the reason I didn’t.
1- It hit me that I really do not like hanging out with a bunch of girls.
2- Everyone else pledging would be a freshman, I am a senior. They are 18 I am 22.
3- I would go for the parties, but, they’re not allowed to drink.
4- Of course, they drink anyway, but who would like to spend time around a group of wasted 18 year old girls?

I decided that going geek and joining a bunch of other groups based on interest is going to suite me better. Hence the triathlon club and the fencing club. Tonight I am going to sit down with the “club-guide” and figure out what else suites me. Here are over 300 clubs on campus so there’s no doubt I’ll find something else to do outside of the greek system, were they from an outsiders perspective only seem to sing and play house and occasionally get wasted.


100925 – I play dogeboll I do.

So. I am pretty proud right now. Look at my killah’ face playing dodgeball. As Anna so cleverly put it “for someone who went in not knowing how to play you sure look like a pro!” This is purely bragging. I don’t care. Check me out!

100924 – Time.

Time goes by so quickly. I’m barely keeping up. Welcome week is intense. Yesterday there was a UC spirit rally and we set a new Guinness world record for the most people ever playing dodgeboll – 1700 something people in one awesome game. Of course my team – the gold team – won. Check it out here.

Then today was the first day of class. So me and my housemate Anna (who’s also a Lit Journ major) made our way to introduction to Lit Journ and reporting Lit Journ. So far, so good. The classes are intimate and the syllabus seems really good. Until Tuesday I have some light reading to complete and then I have to interview a stranger. Seems simple enough. The only thing I am worried about is the language – my English might sound good. But my grammatic skills are poor. I’m not going to stress out about it though, as of right now, life feels pretty good and I plan to keep it that way.

Oh, and by the way. The work out facilities right were I live are wonderful, me and Helena (another Swedish exchange student) fell in love at first sight last night. So, I’m going to be spending a lot of time there I guess, the best part – it’s all free. And, another thing. I signed up for a triathlon team… haha. First practice is on Saturday 9 am. Nothing to help you loose a hangover like a morning run. Hopefully I’ll still be on the team on Sunday.

100917 – Brooklyn.

I do not feel like writing in English today. I still feel I have problems expressing myself in the same way as I do in Swedish. Like Sam says about me “She speaks really good English, but, some things gets lost in translation”. The things that gets lost are mainly cultural. I understand the words but not the meaning. Haha. Sam’s given me the USA 101. I am so grateful. I feel that I am starting to get the whole “race and religion”-thing. I still feel more Swedish than American though, but I’ve still only been here for two days. Yesterday we spent in Manhattan indulging in shopping and chocolate. Today we’ll explore downtown Brooklyn – Prospect park, the Brooklyn pier and Brooklyn museum. Tonight we’re heading for Cony island and then going for drinks with Sams family. Oh, back to the USA 101-thing. Sam’s got me to taste a Pb and j sandwich (peanut butter and jelly), not that tasty, and Cheerios – tasty, but it tasted like candy. This morning she also let me master the tv-controller, however, since they have 9564 (i don’t remember the exact number) channels, I gave up really quickly. Haha. Well. That’s all folks.

100915 – … reinventing myself.

So. For those who don’t know I am actually an American, and since I’ve now officially left Sweden for the US and Cali, there’s no longer a need for me to write in Swedish. The entire idea with this transition, reinventing myself as a US citizen living in the US (of course not leaving my Swedish persona behind), is to perfect my written and spoken English. English is my mother tongue, however I do not feel as fluent and as comfortable working in English as in Swedish. So, to challenge myself I will from the moment blog in English. Bear in mind though, that I haven’t been practicing my written English for years, grammatical errors will occur. Gosh. This feels – strange.

100909 – Det går bra nu.

Det börjar kännas bättre. Genomgick en smärre kris igår. Fick byta min gigantiska resväska, den var tydligen “oversized”. Roligt historia som jag kommer att återberätta många gånger över mycket vin. Nu sitter jag hemma i soffan. Har packat upp alla kläder, insett att allt inte kommer att få följa med. Hamnat i någon slags överdrivet laid-back mood. Lyssnar på Lou Reed och låter soul, smörsång och sexig lyrik ta mig med på äventyr. Ingenting går som det ska. Men det gör ingenting. Jag bryr mig inte längre. Det går bra nu. På måndag åker jag.

“Hey Sugar, take a walk on the wild side,
Said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side.
And the coloured girls go, doo dodoo”

100906 – Dagar som flyter förbi

Det kändes som att det var måndag nyss. En vecka har flutit förbi obemärkt. Om en vecka åker jag. Jag tänker inte på annat. Telefonen ringer men jag glömmer att svara. Är upptagen med att försöka greppa det faktum att jag snart lämnar min lägenhet och mina vänner bakom mig. Jag upprepar det som tycks vara mitt mantra: spännande men läskigt. I min verklighet så nära sammanbundna. Fan. Jag hatar ju USA. Nu ska jag bo där. Vänner från NY frågar hur jag ska överleva på västkusten. Mina fördomar blir värre och värre för varje dag. “Alla knarkar i USA”, berättar pappa, “Bara bimbos på västkusten” säger Sam och skrattar. Konstiga släktingar skickar konstiga välkomnande mejl. Vad har jag gett mig in på? Är i alla fall lycklig över att äventyret börjar med några dagar i en av mina favoritstäder. Ska upptäcka mysiga gallerier, hitta vackra tillskott till garderoben och njuta av tillvaron.