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Month: November, 2010

101108 – I’m going home

Los Angeles – New York – Copenhagen 13/12

Copenhagen – London – Riyadh 16/12

Riyadh – London – Los Angeles 3/1

It’s strange, Los Angeles, Copenhagen (Helsingborg) and Riyadh all symbolize different spaces of home. Los Angeles = my current home, where my life is taking place right now. The place of my physical existence. Copenhagen (Helsinborg) = my roots. My past. Where I have my earliest memories from. Where my grandmother makes meatballs and I know I always have a safe refuge. Riyadh = my mothers current home. A place where I’ll always find love and where my heart is.


101108 – Newport and Schedule of classes

I’m slowly feeling better. Last night I went to dinner hosted by the Italian crowd, there me and Helena met with three girls (one Swedish) who we decided to go with for a ladies night out in Newport. We danced the night, and my sickness, away. I woke up 13 hours later feeling fine. Well, not completely restored, but restored enough to continue on with life.

Now I’m spending the evening researching which classes to take next quarter. Arabic high on the list. However, apparently the beginners course is only offered fall quarter. At the moment I am so upset for not realizing this earlier and taking the course this quarter. Now my only options are a bunch of courses I don’t really feel like taking. So, so far, I’ve sent three emails regarding classes I’m not really legible to take, trying to find classes that I feel can complement my previous studies. I’m sick of theory, I want practice. I want to write, not read about writing, hence no more English classes for me. Maybe I should just try to do as little schoolwork as possible and emerge myself in extra curricula activities, such as writing for the New U? Aaaa. I don’t know. My heart is leading the revolution against my brain. I feel a Coup d’état creeping up, making decisions against the greater good of my intellectual self-preservation. How about a class in Social Dance?

101106 – There’s no place to be sick as here.

01.17. I took a sick day today too. Finally posted all documents to the Saudi embassy. Had a class at 9 am, spent the rest of the morning studying with Helena by her pool. Came back to the house and spent the entire evening watching i Anneli on Probably old news already. But I’m super excited. Five episodes down, three more to go. Being sick isn’t all that bad when being sick here. Going to hit the gym tomorrow, it’s not time to start working out fully already, but it’s time to gradually ease the body back into tri-workout after a week of being sick and lazy.

101104 – God morning America.

The sun is shining. I skipped morning practice and class. I’m sick. Now I have to force myself to do “work”. At 2pm: interview with the CR’s, at 5 pm meeting at the New U. Then it’s time to celebrate Andrews birthday. (Oh, and then I have to complete the entire “Hazard of New Fortunes” by Howell. It’s like reading a 473 page long textbook, formated like a manuscript).

101102 – An ordinary night in room 301A

Keeping my new rule.

It’s night. 02.10. The house is quiet. All that can be heard it the sound of frenetic typing from room 301A. Occasionally distracted by music escaping the frat-party next door. Or shouts from the Rosa Parks house, located across the narrow walkway. Or by gossip whispered between the two night-owls sitting back to back, in front of copies of exact same desks and computers. It’s hot, inside, outside. We are both studying. In the middle of the night – as usual. “Oh, my God, he is so stupid”, Jean shouts, interrupting my train of thought. Back to reading legal documents, intertwining analysis of Jeans love-life and writing on a non-fictional story for another class, at the same time trying to portray my reality here. In five hours I have a swim practice, at the break of dawn. We will probably stay up for another hour or two, when the computers turn off, study-mode is deactivated and life-philosophical mode is turned on. In the dark, hot night, we lay in copies of the exact same bed, in opposite ends of the room, trying to figure out what to do next. Then I’m going to fall asleep, Jean still awake, processing our abstract conversations. Then when I wake up at 6.30 to change into my swimsuit and walk to practice she will already be gone. We’ll spend the day separated. Then night will fall, once again, and we’ll rendezvous in room 301A for our nightly study and discussion sessions. Just as we do, every night.

101031 – Riyadh

I miss my mom. She’s Kickass. We are an awesome team. If everything works out as planned I’m going to Saudi Arabia over Christmas break.

101031 – New rule

One post a day.

101031 Happy Halloween!

Oh. Spent three days in Santa Barbara celebrating Halloween. Fragments of memories linger in the back of my mind. An occasional joy overcomes me. Euphoria. No boundaries. I spent four days in costume. Longest Halloween ever. Anecdotes to tell over a glass of wine some time in the future, to off-limits to all be told here. Picked up a new motto – KBK, just go. Picked up a cold and some NyQuil. Did not do my homework but ran in the rain and danced until my legs hurt. Laghued until i cried and helped the guys get kicked out of their hotel-room. Life is a hot mess. Creating history everyday. Santa Barbara over Halloween will always be epic.