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101031 – Riyadh

I miss my mom. She’s Kickass. We are an awesome team. If everything works out as planned I’m going to Saudi Arabia over Christmas break.


101031 – New rule

One post a day.

101031 Happy Halloween!

Oh. Spent three days in Santa Barbara celebrating Halloween. Fragments of memories linger in the back of my mind. An occasional joy overcomes me. Euphoria. No boundaries. I spent four days in costume. Longest Halloween ever. Anecdotes to tell over a glass of wine some time in the future, to off-limits to all be told here. Picked up a new motto – KBK, just go. Picked up a cold and some NyQuil. Did not do my homework but ran in the rain and danced until my legs hurt. Laghued until i cried and helped the guys get kicked out of their hotel-room. Life is a hot mess. Creating history everyday. Santa Barbara over Halloween will always be epic.