121202 — Heading North

121202 -- Heading North

It’s been a spontaneous weekend. Anna and I decided to drive up to Stockholm Friday night to surprise the gang. I love road-trips, random ones the best. We arrived after midnight and spent two days in a haze of wine, meatballs and spooning with great friends creating new incredible memories. This morning it was time for me to continue my adventure north to reach Härnösand for a preparation course before my trip to Kenya. 45 miles more to go. I woke up with a horrible hangover and felt the stress creeping up my spine. But with the worst possible feeling you realize why your friends are great friends. They served me pasta-breakfast, helped my pack my things, cured my hangover with resorb, a cold shower and mouth-rinse, double-checked that my train was on time, followed me to the bus stop and sent me off. So now I’m on my way. No longer hungover, somewhat sad to have had to say goodbye for now, but very excited about the adventure that awaits up north. Also. Snow!