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Month: November, 2012

121129 — Oh! I forgot about Qlimax.

… An addition that is a story in itself. Last weekend was spent in Arnheim emerging oneself in music and sweaty decadence. Google Qlimax for more info. My life is a life of dichotomies. Silence versus Musical chaos. Cold versus Heat. Black versus White. Haha. The last one is kind of stupid, but it’s true. I’m the synthesis of all the dichotomies my life consists of.


121129 — Happy Belathed Birthday to Me

I’ve returned to reality and turned a year older. Luckily older still only means twenty-four. I’m keeping busy planning for my next great adventure. On January 8th I will take off for eight weeks in Kenya to study how theatre can be used to communicate democratic development for my masters thesis in Communication for Development. I don’t understand how I got to be so lucky. To do things that constantly challenges me, to give myself time to grow into whom I want to be, to surround myself with people who inspires me, to be surrounded by people who believe in me and support me. This is a sappy post, but I just received my birthday-present from my mother and it was just one of those things that blows your mind and forces you to contemplate how lucky you are to be walking in your shoes. Thank you. In 16 days my mother will finally return from the sandbox to spend Christmas here in Sweden with me. I can’t wait for early morning discussions about the complexity of nihilism, the midnight–stone-cold–walks along the beach, the answers to the perplexity of life rediscovered in the last drops of the cheapest bottle of bourgogne.

121102–49 days of meditation

It’s said that silence is good for the soul. I don’t think I can ever be quiet, but I’ve learned that silence can mean many things. Silence here have meant floating, it’s meant being in hiatus. Tonight I’m leaving Riyadh and my silence behind. It’s been quite the journey of self-reflexion and rediscovering. Spending that much time with myself has been interesting and forced me to question who I am and why. It’s not that I had lost myself, it’s just that the stress of life sometimes cloud the enjoyment of life. Then we all need to hit pause, allow ourselves to breath and to not care about all the things that are expected off us. But now I’m off to new adventures.