Irina Bernebring Journiette

Live. Do. Laugh. Explore. Dance. Love. Fall. Write. Scream. Enjoy. Dare. Go.

Month: September, 2012

120925–Riyadh Life

The heat is killing me–but it’s that lovely death that you just can’t complain about. Instead I escape from the heat by spending time in the pool, holding my breath under water, counting each fleeing second of life. I like it here, my existence is meditative. When I re-surface I can breath in and out determined. I try to think of nothing else then just being and just being here.


120913–Trolls, best friends and adventures

Spent a night in Germany hunting for trolls, the eternal companion A. by my side. Giant trolls, skinny trolls, grim trolls and baby trolls. I still sometime find myself dumbfound over the adventures we tend to stumble over. It’s such an amazing thing to have someone just as crazy, spontaneous and wild as you are to wonder around life with. We have had, give or take, around 6 345 days of adventures so far, the 50 I will spend in Riyadh without, you, my better half is nothing compared to that.