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Month: December, 2012

121231–Happy New Year! Recap.

I started the year dancing in Malmö then left for Saduiqqi and politics in Saudi with karaoke detours to Lebanon, discovering political Islam in Kuwait and the Nabatean culture in Jordan. Returned to Sweden and spent the summer nights dancing with great friends at Torrowland in Boom, Belgium and Q-base in Weeze, Germany. Fled the Swedish winter and returned to Saudi for mediation and rejuvenation before landing back in a snowy Sweden—adventuring back and forth to Stockholm, escaping for a night of dance and decadence to Qlimax in Holland and heading further north into Härnösand. The year finally ends back home with Ingela, preparing for departure to Kenya in 8 days.

2012 has been amazing. I’m ready for 2013.


121227–In appriciation of /r/philosophy/

…When my mind has time to wander I always tend to find myself here. Food for the soul and complex ideas that can leave me puzzled for days. Go ahead. Browse it. It’s just lovely.

121225 — Happy Holidays.

121225 -- Happy Holidays.

Walking over to grandmothers house for Christmas lunch.



121218–Three weeks!

Today it’s only three weeks left until I leave for Kenya. So much to do. So little time. You can find my presentation about what I’m doing in Kenya here.

Even though the snow has left us I feel that Kenya will be a huge contrast to this…

snö i tyresö

121215–Faith in Humanity restored

If you’re not from Sweden you’ve probably missed all the debating that’s been going on recently. A dragged on debate, inflated by ignorance and the lack of education and which has left my faith in humanity somewhat damaged. First there was the outcry and the sudden “need to defend Swedish culture” after someone happened to mention that the fact that it was always the colored kids that was asked to play the role of the gingerbredman during the celebration of Lucia. Then came the “oh-so-horrible-the-world-is-trying-to-destroy-all-that-is-Swedish” cry when it was made public that Disney had decided to cut back on the racial and cultural stereotyping in it’s Christmas show. Ignorant voices cried out in some disharmonial unison, “If the immigrants don’t like our traditions–they can leave.” HOLY crap that escalated quickly. I have no idea how all of a sudden it became linked to migration policies (or even the Swedish government). But.. I did. And so, my faith in humanity slowly crept away. But then. Out of the blue came the rebuttals, one by one I saw and heard friends speak out about the pure non-sense being plastered over facebook. And so. My faith in humanity slowly started to return.

Then came phase two.  My mother arrived today from Saudi, she landed in Copenhagen carrying not one, not two, but three large suitcases. Not one single soul offered to help her with her bags, they all just stood looking at her with smirking eyes. And so. When she told me, my faith in humanity disappeared. And I hated all of you (Scandinavians)(us?) for being self-obsessed, small-minded people and I cursed at you in my mind. But then. As I was about to drag two of her suitcases up the four flights of stairs to her apartment a teenage guy approached me. Looked at me and said: “I’ll help you with that.” And so, by his simple little gesture. He managed to store my faith in humanity. Thank you dear sire. 


I am bored and so I procrastinate. I take a break from indulging in knowledge and theories and let myself be entertained by my small monster of a TV. An old favorite is being shown: The Gladiator. “What we do in life echoes in eternity,” Maximus says. I concur, is it not so? Let’s live our life in glory–as soon as I’m off this couch.

121213 — Boal on Brecht

I’m preparing for my paper. I’m reading in excess. Theories and perspectives. Now my focus is on Boal capturing the essence of Bretch’s interpretation of art.

“Art is immanent to all men, ant not only to a select few; art is not to be sold, not more than are breathing, thinking, loving. Art it not merchandise. But for the bourgeoisie everything is a commodity: man is a commodity. And this being so, all the things that man produces will likewise be commodities. Everything is prostituted in the bourgeois system, art as well as love. Man is the supreme prostitute of the bourgeoisie!”

I do concur and I believe there is a little Marxist hiding in the depths of my cultural understanding. Oh. Mother would be so proud!

121213 — Inspiration

121202 — Heading North

121202 -- Heading North

It’s been a spontaneous weekend. Anna and I decided to drive up to Stockholm Friday night to surprise the gang. I love road-trips, random ones the best. We arrived after midnight and spent two days in a haze of wine, meatballs and spooning with great friends creating new incredible memories. This morning it was time for me to continue my adventure north to reach Härnösand for a preparation course before my trip to Kenya. 45 miles more to go. I woke up with a horrible hangover and felt the stress creeping up my spine. But with the worst possible feeling you realize why your friends are great friends. They served me pasta-breakfast, helped my pack my things, cured my hangover with resorb, a cold shower and mouth-rinse, double-checked that my train was on time, followed me to the bus stop and sent me off. So now I’m on my way. No longer hungover, somewhat sad to have had to say goodbye for now, but very excited about the adventure that awaits up north. Also. Snow!