120803–Summer Shenanigans

by Irina Bernebring Journiette

Woke up in Gothenburg last weekend and realized that this has been a summer of shenanigans. A summer of up to no-good-times and to much making non-sense with fabulous friends. These are the abstract times of summer where the sun has been absent but life still has been shining bright. There has been sorrows, and horrifying hardships, but those have only reminded me of the instantness of life. Be happy today–not tomorrow, dance today–not tomorrow. Love today–not tomorrow.  As I spend five minutes of this summers last working day, I procrastinate and I ponder the idea of fall. Normally the idea of the looming fall leaves me saddened, the greyness of Swedish skies are less intriguing during fall than summer. But today joy fills me as I remember the shenanigans this summer and look forward to forthcoming new fall adventures. In sixteen days two months of meditation in Riyadh with sand and unruly hair. After that regrouping and hopefully creativity in Kenya.