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Tag: Unrest

140221–How 2 become 1.

No matter what one might think this is not a Spice Girls eulogy, even though the once larger-than-life girlband have made an incredible comeback during late night dance parties in the streets of Bangkok. No, this is a small reflection, or a personal first hand account, on the political ripple effect in Thailand. This is mostly evident in how issues against the government are morphing together. Looking at media coverage it’s fascinating to track how two separate issues slowly and over about three months time merged into one. First there was Suthep’s march against the government, rallying in intersections all over Bangkok. Secondly there were angered rice farmers demanding fair payment in the aftermath of a somewhat sketchy rice-pledging scheme. In december: Two different topics, different headings, different focus. Now: The unrest and rice scheme have united under a more overarching (and politically difficult to overlook) accusation–Corruption. 


131216 — One week in Bangkok.

Snow was traded for humidity as I descended upon a city in turmoil. Warnings echoed as I settled in a small house next to the protesters. In the morning, as I walk for work past the army headquarters to the UN building 500 meters away, the protesters and I have formed our own little ritual. I smile and they smile and perhaps we are all safe. At night their chanting morph into singing. I listen to the sound of their political devotion and let it guide me in my sleep.