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120112 — Counting Down

My life is about to change. I’m moving yet again. I’m excited. I don’t know if I can tell you just yet though. I still haven’t booked a flight. Still waiting for my visa. Take off is scheduled in 6 days.

110422 – Coachella

…I came back Monday but have been unable to fully grasp my experiences until now. It was majestic. I saw, Afrojack, Cee-Lo Green, Kings of Leon, Robyn, The Black Keys, Bloody Beatroots, Duck Sauce, Jack Beats, Kaney West, Nas/Damian Marley, Ratatat, The Strokes, Tinie Tempah, Trentemöller, Two Door Cinema Club, The Tallest Man on Earth, Steve Angello, Mumford and Sons, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Empire of the Sun, Arcaide Fire, Animal Collective. It was insane, I can’t find the vocabulary to describe what I experienced. Enough said. Hopefully I’ll soon get some pictures from Josefin (I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera inside the venue) and then I might be able to show you.


110422 – Memories of NY

110313 – L.A with Ingela

Spending the last days with my mom in LA. Yesterday we hung out in Santa Monica and Venice. I’m not a big fan of Venice at all. It’s crowded and dirty and there are way too many tourist for my taste. But it was fun still, my mom hung out in Venice 30 years ago, and hearing her stories was interesting. Then we headed back to the hotel, and lazy as we sometimes are, ordered take-out indian to our room. Such a fab idea that I’ve never thought of before. Why order stale and expensive room-service when you can have delicious, way cheaper other food delivered right to your door! Today, I decided to digress form my paper writing and we decided to venture out to Manhattan beach. Much nicer than beaches up north. I introduced mom to Free people and we both bought some lovely dresses. You can never have to many dresses living in SoCal. Then we headed to Vons to buy some strawberries and randomly ran into my lovely housemate Marie! She then invited us back to her dad’s incredible beach house and we got to plan a little for Coachella. Only 33 days left now!

101231 – Underground Riyadh!

Discovered a new side of Riyadh a couple of nights ago. The underground life that excists in the dark depths of the night. After two weeks at this place I’m still intrigued. If forbidden fruits are supposed to taste the sweetest, living here is like living in Candyland. Stories about rave getaways in the middle of the desert and secret private resorts with access only to thoose who know the secret password.

101224 – Mafii Maloom!

It’s supposedly Christmas. I still havn’t, after much effort, managed to round up any Christmas spirit. So from now on, to H*ll with it. Spent tonight having dinner at a South African Christmas party. It was different. Enough said about Christmas. On our way home I sat in the front seat! Felt like home again. (It is the small things that matter!) The cab-driver thaugt me some useful words/phrases in arabic. (The spelling is probably completely off, so don’t bother correcting it. Just say it out loud.)

Due to my skin-color and “difficult-to-place” ethinc background, everyone here thinks I’m Saudi. An assumption which have led to some awkward moments. Among other things elderly women are constantly trying to make me cover my face, which Saudi women are oblidged to do by law. I, not speaking Arabic, are having difficulties to fend them off. Now, however I’ve learnt how to deal with them. “Mafii Maloom” – I do not understand. “(S?)Halas!” – Stop, it’s enough!. At the moment I feel pretty pleased with myself and my new knowledge.

Ma’a Salam!

101222 – “Chop chop square”

Went to Dira souk, right next to “Chop chop square” – filled with life and death. Today, children playing, women covered by blackness gossiping, lauging. Tomorrow? Execution. Enforcing of Sharia laws by decapitating or stoning. The contrast within this country amazes me. Women in black, men in white. Death one day and life another. The sereness that exsist in this noicy and busy town. I’m left speechless.

101222 – Deserted

101031 – Riyadh

I miss my mom. She’s Kickass. We are an awesome team. If everything works out as planned I’m going to Saudi Arabia over Christmas break.

101004 – Life in L.A

Life in L.A is much more intense than here. Life here is like living on a spa/resort. I did however like L.A – a lot. It felt more real and believable than life here. Anyway. We spent three days and two nights discovering Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Friday: Bar 210 – Italian food – Beverly Hills Hilton – 15 people afterparty in our hotel room – Almost kicked out. Saturday: UCLA football game with UCLA swedes – Houseparty in an amazing house in the Hills – Danced the night away at Playhouse – 9 people afterparty in our hotel room – Did not care about being kicked out. Sunday: Brunch at Urth café, Tour of UCLA.